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2nd EU roundtable discussions

12 March 2015

1Following the very successful 1st European Roundtable on energy data sharing, organized under the framework of the MESHARTILITY project in May 2013, the 2nd European Roundtable took place on the 10th of March 2015 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. 21 participants: technical experts from energy utilities, associations of municipalities and Supporting Structures from 12 European countries engaged in the project, as well as representatives of such EC institutions as DG ENER, JRC and the Covenant of Mayors Office concluded the discussion on the possible ways of improving cooperation between LAs and energy utilities. 


5th project meeting in Dubrovnik (HR)

10 November 2014

meeting in DubrownikuOn the 5th and 6th of November 2014 project partners of the MESHARTILITY project gathered in Dubrovnik (HR) for the fifth time in order to discuss their up-to-date results and tasks for the future. Large part of the discussion was devoted to the cooperation agreements that shall be signed between local authorities involved in the project and the energy utilities operating in their area. Best practices in this field were presented, such as the management of the data sharing in Italy or the proposed changes in Energy Sector regulation in Romania. Another issues dealt with during the sessions included the results of the second national round tables organized in partner countries, as well as the progress of SEAP’s implementation in the participating municipalities. The meeting was attended by the Project Officer, Mr. Martin Eibl, who informed about the great interest of the EU Commission in the results of this project. He also encouraged the partners to continue with the hard work to initiate the agreements between energy utilities and local authorities and the further support the municipalities in the SEAP process to help them finalize their plans and launch their implementation by April 2015 when the project finishes. On this occasion we are also pleased to inform you that in March 2015 a 2nd European Round Table on Energy Data Sharing will be held in Brussels. During the event energy utilities, local authorities and European stakeholders will discuss the European dimension of energy consumption data sharing. The agenda of the meeting will be published here soon!

Agreements with energy utilities begin to show results beyond MESHARTILITY’s project framework

22 September 2014

imgAs a result of agreements concerning data sharing achieved with energy utilities, INFO – Spanish partner of the MESHARTILITY project – started to deliver energy data obtained from energy companies to local authorities – both participating and not related to the project. Regional Development Agency of Murcia, in its role of a Supporting Structure of the Covenant of Mayors in Murcia’s Region, has provided the data to Puerto Lumbreras municipality helping them to develop their SEAP based on real, bottom-up data on energy consumption.

Local energy forums in Polish municipalities

15 September 2014
Uczestnicy lokalnego forum w Jaśle
Participants of local forum in Jasło

Mobilization of local society around common energy goals is very important for successful implementation of local energy policy, including the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Therefore it is of crucial importance to actively involve citizens and local stakeholders in the SEAP process. By local stakeholders we mean those people and entities whose interests are affected by this process or whose activities can support achievement of the targets set up in the SEAP. There are various ways of mobilizing local society – one of them is organisation of local energy forums enabling fruitful discussion on the local energy situation and possibilities of improving it.


Energy Days in Spain

10 July 2014

Energy Day in Spain6 local Energy Days were organized in Spain in the framework of the MESHARTILITY project. During these events, which took place in the municipalities of Lorca, Mazarrón, Águilas, San Pedro, San Javier and Fuente Álamo, the mayors presented to their citizens local Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and sustainable energy measures that they are going to implement first. Therefore, the participants of these meetings could learn about their local energy policies and local councils’ plans for reducing their CO2 emissions. Presentations from the events (in Spanish) may be found in the Spanish version of the article.

MESHARTILITY event during Brussels Sustainable Energy Week

27 June 2014

Event in Brussels
© Committee of the Regions

On the 23rd of June 2014, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, we organized a MESHARTILITY event entitled "EU funding opportunities for sustainable energy for local and regional authorities: the case of MESHARTILITY". The event was held in the premises of the Committee of the Regions and gathered more than 70 participants representing different groups of stakeholders.

During the event there were presented new financing opportunities for local and regional authorities undertaking actions in the energy sector, including new programmes HORIZON 2020, LIFE+ and programmes of EIB operating in the period 2014-2020. There was also presented the case of the MESHARTILITY project as a good example of initiatives supporting European authorities in the development of successful Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), which are compulsory for the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.


Intelligent Energy Day in Częstochowa, Poland

25 June 2014

Obok tekstuMany residents of Częstochowa – the city actively involved in the MESHARTILITY project - and students of primary and secondary schools could find out how much they know about green energy and their impact on the climate during Intelligent Energy Day organized on the 9th of June on Biegański Square.

The Office of the Municipal Engineer, together with the the  Association of Polish Scouting Region  Silesia and Fortum Power & Heat Poland, has prepared a number of competitions for preschoolers, students and senior citizens. The youngest inhabitants of Częstochowa willingly created works of art, which common theme was ecology. A lot of fun brought them the game of keeping the colorful balls on the scarf. While playing the Wheel of Fortune participants answered questions about the waste segregation, renewable energy sources and methods of saving energy. Winners received awards, among others ecological bags, pens, lanyards and games related to environmental protection.


4th project meeting in Murcia (ES)

02 May 2014

On the 28th and 29th of April 2014 project partners of MESHARTILITY gathered in Murcia (ES) for the fourth time in order to discuss their up-to-date results and tasks for the future. Large part of the discussion was devoted to the cooperation agreements that shall be signed between local authorities involved in the project and the energy utilities operating in their area. The agreements should improve and regularize both parties’ cooperation on the sustainable energy development of municipalities. The partners debated on the best content of the agreements, as well as on the incentives that would make the cooperation beneficiary both for LAs and the utilities and that would encourage them to sign formal cooperation agreements. They also agreed that it is of utmost importance to prepare a unified, common data format that should be used by all parties involved to reduce their amount of work and that should be based on the CoM requirements.

During the meeting the MESHARTILITY project partners also brainstormed on the possible recommendation for the EU decision makers how to make the cooperation between LAs and energy utilities more efficient and focused on achieving common sustainable energy goals. These recommendations will be used to prepare the discussions during the next EU round table planned for the beginning of the next year.

Brainstorming during national roundtables in 12 countries

11 December 2013

The highly successful first European roundtable was followed by the first round of national roundtables in all project countries. Each of them was attended by representatives of local self-governments, energy utilities, national regulators of the energy market, ministries involved in the transposition of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, national statistical organizations and other entities influencing or involved in the energy data collection and sharing processes.

They all got together at national level to analyze current situation regarding cooperation and energy data sharing between energy utilities and municipalities, as well as their expectations regarding cooperation on energy data sharing and development of local sustainable energy strategies and plans. Participants discussed and elaborated framework agreements that will be then implemented at local level.

The agenda and format of national roundtables were focused on the very aspect of energy data access and format and shaped according to national needs and situation.


Data sharing survey highlights challenges

02 September 2013

A survey on data sharing practices that was conducted as part of project MESHARTILITY highlighted the challenges faced by municipalities when trying to access energy consumption data. In particular, the kind of energy consumption data needed for establishing local community Baseline Emissions Inventories (BEI) and energy assessments can be difficult for municipalities to access.

Thousands of municipalities, municipal associations, supporting organisations to the Covenant of Mayors, energy suppliers and energy industry associations in the project countries were invited to take part.

In total 245 municipalities and their associations and 53 energy suppliers and their associations responded in some form to the survey. The survey closed in August 2013 after being open for more than nine months, and the results highlighted that significant challenges still exist in terms of data access and data quality.

The findings of the survey have been summarised in a report that will be made public. They were found to be very useful in focusing on the main challenges and addressing these by reaching agreements with energy suppliers how data sharing can be improved by finding win-win solutions.

1st EU Roundtable opened discussions

30 August 2013

1 EU RoundtableThe 1st European Roundtable under the project MESHARTILITY took place in Brussels on 23 May 2013.

21 participants from the European Commission, municipalities and their associations, from energy suppliers and their associations, regulators, and a Covenant of Mayors office met for a full day of presentations and discussions covering many issues on energy consumption data sharing in order for municipalities to establish their local community Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI).

The viewpoints of municipalities and energy suppliers were heard and common ground was sought as a basis for developing agreements to assist future energy data sharing. Energy suppliers would like to see data requests in a clear and consistent format in order to minimize duplicity and time and effort spent on administration, while municipalities are mainly concerned with receiving better data quality and in a format segregated into customer sectors.

This highly successful first European Roundtable will now be followed by two rounds of national roundtables in each of the project countries, before a 2nd and final European Roundtable will conclude discussions.

Second project meeting in Brussels

04 March 2013

On 27th and 28th of February MESHARTILITY project partners gathered for the second time in Brussels in order to discuss previous achievements and tasks for the nearest future. Major part of the meeting was devoted to the analysis of the EU and national frameworks on data sharing which was conducted in the past months. The analysis showed specific features of the EU and national energy markets as well as helped to identify real energy data sharing practices. Results of this analysis will be used during preparation of the agenda of the upcoming EU roundtable gathering representatives of municipalities and energy utilities from project countries. During the meeting there were also discussed other tasks like signing of local energy agreements between local authorities and energy companies and beginning development of local Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

Launch of data survey for municipalities and energy suppliers

09 November 2012

A survey has been launched today inviting local governments and energy suppliers to tell how they deal with data sharing – in particular energy consumption data needed for the purpose of establishing local community Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) and energy assessments. The aim is to identify and solve existing challenges by exploring win-win solutions for municipalities and utilities. Follow this link to the survey:

Analysis of legal frameworks on data sharing is under way

16 September 2012

Access to good quality energy data is essential for local authorities elaborating sustainable energy strategies and plans. This access depends on many different factors, including legal frameworks in the different European countries and on the EU level. The MESHARTILITY project partners have started analyzing these frameworks in order to check how they relate to the exchange of real data between energy utilities and local authorities.

Results of the analysis, together with the results of the survey on data sharing practices conducted among municipalities and energy utilities, will help the project partners to identify and address existing data challenges. Report from the analysis of legal frameworks on data sharing will be available soon!

Kick-off meeting in Brussels

01 June 2012

On 29 to 31 May 2012 representatives of 17 organisations, including energy agencies, associations of municipalities, utilities and technical experts from 12 countries, gathered in Brussels for a meeting inaugurating the MESHARTILITY project, co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme. During the meeting project partners got to know one another and discussed their future tasks and expected results.

Within the next three years the MESHARTILITY project partners will identify and address data challenges faced by the local authorities elaborating sustainable energy strategies and plans. They will also help selected municipalities in elaboration of Baseline Emission Inventories (BEI) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) based on real data. A more detailed description of the project can be found here.


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